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CEC is a leading global business process outsourcing (ITeS) company. Deep industry and business process knowledge, a partnership approach, comprehensive service offerings and a proven track record enables CEC to deliver business value to the world’s leading companies. CEC is passionate about building a market leading company valued by our clients, employees, business partners, investors and communities.

CEC was established to actively meet the growing need of better Healthcare back office services in cost effective, quality and timely manner. Our quality of service is the key differentiator. CEC is home of expert professionals who are dedicated to provide end to end complete healthcare solution to our clients/partner needs with 24*7 operational units. We, CEC, evolved for recognizing the flaws in quality of service and floated an Off Shore Healthcare back office center in India for US Firms.

By engaging and collaborating with clients at personnel level, we gain a deep understanding of their business goals and challenges. Then, we envision, design and deliver business solutions that stand apart for their user friendliness, reliability and effectiveness for global enterprise companies.

CEC introduced the following methodologies :

  • Global Service Solution (GSS)
  • Pure Offshore Solution (POD)
  • Fixed Price, Fixed Time (FPFT)

Medical Billing Services Company in USA

Medical Billing Services Company in USA

We believe in seamless delivery by understanding client needs and providing systematic solutions through the best suited approach to maximize profit with satisfied customers at reduced cost for Professional & Institutional Medical Billing Services.

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Dental Billing Services Company in USA

Dental Billing Services Company in USA

We at CEC, are specialized in managing Dental RCM, all back office Dental billing work. You’ll be amazed to know how seamlessly our Team can provide support in managing Insurance Eligibility Verification, AR, Fee Schedule updates and Payment Posting, to name a few of our service offerings, for your organization. Team is well versed with almost all Dental PMS and comes with over 10 years of experience from dental RCM space.

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Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

CEC's Recruitment & Talent Acquisition solutions are customized to align with your specific recruitment goals in mind. Whether the need is to analyze and optimize your recruitment strategies or to design a highly effective, efficient and scalable outsourced recruitment program, CEC’s Adaptive RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) helps improve recruitment performance. These services can be bundled as a comprehensive end-to-end recruitment solution, or discrete program areas may be utilized as required. Whether your need is to source, screen, assess and acquire 50 to 1,000+ candidates, CEC designs well thought out and flexible recruitment strategies and programs – based on your specific objectives.

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Vision Billing Services Company in USA

Vision Billing Services Company in USA

We at CEC are specialized in managing vision billing services. Our services are focused on maximizing return on investment, increasing revenues and improving productivity for our valued clients. Eye care professionals should focus on patient care instead of managing repetitive medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) tasks. Your patients are the reason why you and your staff come into the office every day. It is imperative to have RCM processes in place to get paid faster, so you have more time to care for your patients and generate revenue for a healthier cash flow. When you do not have to worry about tasks like insurance verification and filing claims, you can focus on improving patient care when your patients walk through the front door, during their visit, and after they leave. That is why having streamlined RCM processes in place are essential to run a profitable optometry and ophthalmology practice, so your revenue always keeps growing.

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Collect more because of our specialized service

  • In-depth process expertise, access to experts in the field
  • Standardize RCM processes
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Prompt Claims Submission and Denial Management
  • Ability to track Pain Area
  • Data Driven Revenue Cycle management
  • In compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Daily/Monthly Dashboard


Minimize your Risk & Investment

  • Maximize Revenues
  • Competitive Fee
  • Skilled manpower
  • Faster Turn Around Time
  • Reports that makes difference
  • Attrition
  • Absenteeism
  • Training
  • Benefit cost
  • Hardware cost

Free your office to do best in Patient Care…. Patient Quality of Service!

Immediate increase in collections with reduced cost, noticeable within the first 30 days.
It is easy to initiate with no setup fee.

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Our team is a pool of more than 300+ plus dedicated, well trained and committed employees spread across 4 different locations. Our people are well versed and have expertise in end to end revenue cycle management and recruitment. Our diversified core competencies are based on our people who are experts in their respective domain and have the zeal to excel in their work, over the period, our team has shown immense dedication towards attaining the success for our clients and us.

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HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is revolutionizing healthcare information management. Any organization that electronically stores or transmits patient information must take enterprise-wide steps to adhere to HIPAA’s sweeping privacy, security and transactions standards. Essentially, HIPAA requires healthcare entities to “re-architect” how they capture, store, and transmit health data and to ensure that they protect personal health information and the privacy rights of patients.

Our Mission

We work hard every day to bring smile on our customers face.

Our Vision

To be the best service brand, from coast to coast.

Our Values

At CEC, our values are encapsulated in WOWME: Working together, staying Organized, pursuing Goals and Targets, Motivating each other, and embodying the 4E's - Energy, Engagement, Enthusiasm, and Ethical behavior.

Revitalize your revenue cycle with CEC's RCM expertise and reclaim financial excellence.

What is RCM software?

By using an RCM program, you may streamline the financial operations of your medical practice and collect payments more swiftly and efficiently than you would otherwise, earning more per patient. The hospital revenue cycle management uses RCM software to make their process of billing efficient.

Why do we need RCM in healthcare?

 RCM ties administrative information (such a patient's name, insurance coverage, or other important patient facts) to the care they get. By reducing the frequency of rejected claims and enabling online payment from patients, it aids in saving time and money.

What is the RCM of medical billing?

 Healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) is the business procedure that enables organizations to receive payment for their services. The revenue cycle, which starts with patient scheduling and finishes with payment reconciliation, consists of 17 distinct processes.

What is the responsibility of RCM?

Identifying the patient reimbursement concerns, effective processing of claims, denials, and appeals, and resolution of billing-related issues are all duties of the revenue cycle manager. Additionally, revenue cycle management solutions must be able to accurately code diagnoses and procedures.
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